Man Goes on Early Morning Violent Crime Spree

A man in Rancho Cucamonga went on a violent crime spree in Rancho Cucamonga early Wednesday morning. The suspect was identified as Sergio Rodriguez. The crime spree started with a shooting at Milliken at the 210 freeway around 1am.

Deputies learned as Rodriguez was firing at a vehicle on the freeway, other victims were struck including a man who suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

 Rodriguez then fled in his red 1993 Accord, colliding with another vehicle at Baseline and Milliken. When the victim pulled over, Rodriguez attempted to carjack the person and stabbed him several times. Rodriguez then got back in his own vehicle fleeing southbound towards an apartment complex. Rodriguez rammed his vehicle into another vehicle while waiting for the complex gate to open. Rodriguez then approached the vehicle on foot, stabbing the victim he had just rammed into. Rodriguez then fled that scene and was quickly located at Foothill and Milliken. Rodriguez attempted to stab a Sheriff deputy with a box cutter and struck him in the groin area. Rodriguez was eventually arrested and is being held at West Valley Detention Center.