Anger in San Bernardino Turns into Looting and Chaos

A scheduled George Floyd protest and march in the downtown San Bernardino area started out peaceful Sunday afternoon. Hundreds showed up and marched to city hall, then towards the 215 freeway.

California Highway Patrol Officers block protesters from entering the 215 Freeway in San Bernardino.

A huge show of force by CHP officers prevented the protesters from accessing the 215 freeway. Protesters then moved to the San Bernardino Police department, banging on windows of the lobby entrance, screaming and yelling. Inside, Dozens of officers stood ready in the event the doors and windows were breached.

A taco shop is completely destroyed at 9th and Waterman in San Bernardino.

The protest moved east through the city and north up Waterman Ave. Police flooded the Waterman Discount Mall parking lot and began firing tear gas at the group. The group began to get violent, breaking out windows of a pharmacy and looting items inside. A taco shop was also destroyed. The group lit fireworks starting a field on fire. Several dumpsters also burned. Angry groups of now looters fanned out across the city vandalizing businesses and stealing whatever they could get their hands on.

A group of people loot a Walgreens at Baseline and Waterman.

Small fires were set across the city. By 10pm, hundreds of officers poured in from different jurisdictions to restore order to the city. Firefighters flanked by armed officers went around extinguishing the many fires. A Sheriff helicopter flew overhead giving dispersal orders. Officers formed lines in the streets firing tear gas moving people away.

Several fires burned throughout the city as looters moved through shopping centers vandalizing and destroying businesses.

A citywide curfew was announced until sunrise. Throughout the night officers blocked streets and stood guard around businesses attempting to restore calm.

A pharmacy is looted at 9th and Waterman.