San Bernardino County Files Lawsuit Against Governor Newsome

San Bernardino County wants to regain control of its own health orders. The county has filed a motion in the Supreme Court stating that Governor Newsome’s new stay-at-home orders exceed the authority found in California’s Emergency Services Act.

“The governor is not permitted to act as both the executive and legislative branch for nine months under the California Emergency Services act”, said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. Hagman says the governor is in violation of the California Constitution.

In November the board asked its attorneys to find a cause to file a lawsuit against the governor in a step to regain local control of the pandemic. The board’s argument is that California’s “one size fits all approach” does not fit the demographic for San Bernardino County. The county is also the largest in the state and the board feels residents and businesses are being unfairly subjected to the same lockdown orders that apply to nearby Los Angeles and Orange counties.

The county is asking for a decision by December 28th, 2020.