Riverside County Torture Suspect Behind Bars

Fifty-three year old Gilberto Puga is in a Riverside County Jail after holding two women against their will and torturing them. Riverside County Sheriff Deputies say they received a call Sunday morning from Puga stating two women had burglarized his residence in the 26000 block of Prairie Dog Lane in Moreno Valley. At the same time, a call came in for two females screaming for help. Deputies located the two females leaving the residence. They also located Puga who was uncooperative with deputies.

Credit: Riverside Sheriff

During the investigation it was revealed Puga had tortured the women and prevented them from leaving his residence. Deputies obtained a warrant for Puga on Monday. He was located in Hemet by Hemet Police driving a vehicle they had been looking for. Puga was arrested and his being held on $1,000,000 bail. Deputies are also seeking any other victims who may have had similar circumstance with Puga.