Metropolitan Water District Rescinds Emergency Conservation Restrictions

The Metropolitan Water District has rescinded the emergency conservation mandate. MWD says the winter storms have helped alleviate the shortage that affected nearly 7 million people across several Southern California communities. The restrictions were imposed last summer as the state approached a severe drought.

MWD warns we are still in a water supply deficit and reminds consumers to continue to conserve water. Winter storms have helped boost snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 2020 through 2022 were the driest years in California history and as a result, restrictions were put in place as the water supply became depleted at reservoirs.

“While we certainly appreciate the improved water supply conditions, I want to caution everyone that our challenges are not over. We ask everyone to remain diligent in saving water regardless of the weather,” said Metropolitan General Manager Adel Hagekhalil.

“We also continue to face major uncertainties on our water supplies from the Colorado River,” Hagekhalil added.