San Bernardino County Declares State of Emergency After Storms Pummel Region

Several days of intense storms has completely cut off the mountain areas to residents upbound and downbound. By Monday, Caltrans, county crews and CHP were able to open the road to get essential workers up and down the mountain and get essential supplies to those in need. A small handful of residents were escorted up the mountain late Monday and officials are asking anyone that does not need to be in the area to stay away. Grocery stores are running out of supplies and fuel is limited. There is still a mountain of snow that needs to be plowed and the outlook is not good with another storm on the horizon for Tuesday.

“Today’s emergency declaration is an important step which will elevate the state’s response to this extreme weather event,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Dawn Rowe, whose Third District includes the impacted mountain communities. “Our team of state and local partners will continue working round-the-clock on a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to bring relief and resources to our residents, while also prioritizing the safety of all.”

The county and Red Cross have established an emergency shelter at Redlands East Valley High School for those unable to get home up the mountain. San Bernardino County firefighters are using special snow vehicles to get to patients in need and edison is working around the clock to restore power.

Images courtesy of Caltrans District 8 & San Bernardino County Fire