Lawsuit Filed in Deadly Police Shooting

A $100 million lawsuit has been filed after a deadly police shooting that happened in San Bernardino in July. The family of Rob Adams has filed the suit with attorney Benjamin Crump representing them. Adams was shot and killed by two undercover San Bernardino Police officers after they pulled up on him in the 400 block of West Highland Avenue. The officers saw Adams with a gun while conducting surveillance.

According to attorneys, an autopsy shows Adams was shot 7 times in the back while trying to run from the officers. “Officers briefly chased Adams,” Police Chief Darren Goodman said in a video statement released by the police department shortly after the incident. “But seeing that he had no outlet, they believed he intended to use the vehicles as cover to shoot at them.”

Adams mother Tamika-Deavila King says she was on the phone with with him during the shooting. She disputes the fact he had a gun. “I don’t want this for no other parent,” said Adams’ mother, Tamika Deavila-King. “This is hell on Earth. We want justice.”

The city of San Bernardino and the police department have not commented on the lawsuit.