San Bernardino Police Officer Placed on Leave After Recklessly Firing Gun While Off-Duty

An off-duty San Bernardino Police officer has been placed on administrative leave after recklessly firing a gun in Blue Jay in the San Bernardino Mountains. Fidel Ocampo-Rodarte was at a bar drinking with friends on Sunday November 6th just before 2am when he and some friends exited the establishment. Rodarte pulled his service weapon from his waistband and recklessly fired several shots into the air before leaving the area.

San Bernardino Sheriff deputies responded, taking multiple witness statements. Deputies also obtained surveillance video from the business. Rodarte eventually turned himself into the San Bernardino Sheriff Twin Peaks station where he was arrested. He was booked into jail for negligent discharge of a firearm.

The San Bernardino Police department placed Rodarte on administrative leave. San Bernardino Police chief Goodman said, ” “I’m extremely disappointed at what I have been told so far and what I saw on a copy of the business surveillance video. The conduct is not something that is fitting of a San Bernardino Police officer, or any officer for that matter. While I will withhold judgment until the investigation has concluded, I will tell you that this is not what I expect, and this is not conduct that represents the vast majority of our officers.”