Colton Police Officer Dies in Accidental Shooting

A Colton Police officer died in a tragic accident Thursday. The San Bernardino Sheriffs department received a call around 2:46pm from Lorenzo Morgan saying he was on the side of the road at National Trails Highway near Mill street and had accidently shot himself.

Medical personnel responded and found Morgan with a gunshot wound to his lower extremity. He was transported to a local hospital where he died from injuries. Morgan was off-duty at the time of the accident.

The Colton Police department released a statement saying:

The Colton Police Department suffered a tragic loss today 10/27/2022, with the passing of Officer Lorenzo Morgan.

Officer L. Morgan, started his career in Law Enforcement at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy, in April of 2019 and graduated in September of 2019, from Class 215. He completed his field training at the Colton Police Department in May 2022.

Officer L. Morgan was a beloved father, friend, colleague, and a caring officer who loved working for the Colton Community.

He is survived by his parents, fiancée, son and soon to be born son.