Ontario Airport Opens Terminals and Restaurants to Non-Travelers

Non-Travelers have not been able to get past airport security and enter terminal areas since before 9/11. Ontario Airport is changing that. The program is called ONT+. It will allow non-ticketed guests to enter TSA checkpoints and access the post security side of the airport.

“We all remember the excitement of being able to meet arriving family and friends as they get off the plane. ONT+ is a way to bring back some of that pre-9/11 experience, in a safe and secure manner,” said Dean Brown, ONT Public Safety Administrator.

The program also allows non-travelers to access the airport’s restaurants and shops. Non-travelers can visit and fill out an online application. The application must be filled out with seven days of their visit. Once approved, visitors will receive an ONT+ pass via email. This special pass must be used in conjunction with a TSA-approved I.D. Visitors are subject to the same security regulations as ticketed passengers and cannot bring prohibited items through security checkpoints. Printed ONT+ visitor passes will not be accepted.