Amazon Workers Walk Off The Job In San Bernardino in Protest of Unsafe Working Conditions

Amazon workers at the San Bernardino air-freight warehouse on the San Bernardino Airport Property walked off the job Friday afternoon. The workers are upset with unsafe working conditions at the location. During the months of August, San Bernardino experienced a sweltering heatwave. Workers recorded temperatures inside the warehouse of nearly 90 degrees. They say some workers experienced heat related illnesses.

The workers also want a cost of living wage increase. The workers were recently offered a $1 dollar increase in pay. Workers say that is not enough to cover todays rising fuel, food and rent costs. The workers want Amazon to give them a $5 increase. They have also filed complaints with OSHA and the labor board.

The San Bernardino air-freight warehouse is one of three in the country. The San Bernardino location serves the entire western United States.