Dozens Arrested in San Bernardino Gang Sweep

San Bernardino Police rounded up dozens of felons Friday night. The operation was held with the cooperation of several surrounding agencies from the San Bernardino Sheriff Department, Upland Police, and Rialto Police. A total of 80 officers made over 30 felony arrests. Twelve people were also arrested for misdemeanors and sixteen firearms were taken off the streets. Police also found methamphetamine, cocaine and PCP.

 “I refuse to allow gang members or other violent criminals to operate with impunity in San Bernardino,” said San Bernardino Police Chief Goodman. Goodman has been on the job in San Bernardino just three months. He was previously chief with Upland Police. The sweep is a result of increasing gang violence in the city. San Bernardino has had over 50 homicides this year alone and dozens of shootings including one where an innocent 8-year old girl was shot in the face by gang members while she played in front of her home. Goodman says there additional sweeps planned in the city for the future.