Leaking Railcar In Perris Prompts Evacuations and 215 Freeway Shutdown

Update: Both sides of the 215 freeway have reopened evacuation all evacuations have been lifted.

A leaking railcar in Perris has prompted officials to evacuate a 1/2 mile radius. The leaking railcar is located in a secured yard at Oleander and Harville Avenues. That evacuation zone includes both North and Southbound lanes of the 215 Freeway. The Freeway closure starts at Ramona Expressway and extends to Van Buren. At least 170 homes have also been evacuated in the area.

Fire officials say the chemical inside the rail car is styrene which is used to make styrofoam. The chemical inside is currently over 300 degrees which poses an explosion risk. The normal temperature of the chemical should be 80 degrees. Fire officials and hazmat crews have not been able to get close to it due to the dangers of what is inside. They have been using a drone with an infrared camera to monitor the rail car. It is unknown how long the freeway shut down or evacuations will last. This story will be updated as new information comes in.