Water Restrictions Begin

The California drought has forced agencies to put restrictions on water. Officials want residents to limit water use by at least 20% across many areas serviced by the Metropolitan Water District and areas that rely on the State Water Project. Several Inland Empire cities are included in the mandatory cutbacks.

In Rancho Cucamonga, residents are only able to water lawns outdoors between 4pm and 9pm, three days a week. Addresses ending in odd numbers may water Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Even numbered addresses may only water Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Outdoor watering is not permitted on Mondays. Many other water districts in the area are also imposing the same restrictions.

Governor Newsom recently urged Californians to step up and od their part and warned if conservation efforts don’t improve this summer, additional mandatory restrictions could be imposed across the state. Some water suppliers have threatened to install tamper-proof flow restrictors to those customers who fail to comply as an enforcement mechanism.