Police Investigate Deady Shooting at Rialto Park

Rialto Police are investigating a deadly shooting over a basketball game at a Rialto Park. Police say two groups were playing basketball at Fergusson Park Wednesday afternoon when both groups got into an altercation and started shooting at each other. Two people were struck by the gunfire. Both were transported to local hospitals where one died from his injuries.

Seventy-nine first and second graders from Fitzgerald Elementary School were in the park for an end of year field trip. Rialto Unified School District Campus Security Guards were in the park with the students when the shots were fired. They helped teachers shelter the students underneath tables and behind areas of concealment. None of the students were injured and were safely escorted back to school. Parents rushed to the school when they heard news of the shooting.

Police are looking for a black sedan and white sedan that may have been involved in the shooting.