Rialto Sexual Assault Victim’s Family Speaks Out

The family of a Carter High School student in Rialto spoke in a press conference with their attorney Friday morning. The victim’s mother says her daughter reported several sexual assaults by a 17-year old student to the vice-principal of the school. The vice-principal told the mother she had nothing to worry about and the incident was being handled. According to the mother, the daughter continued to report the student and she was threatened with “suspension” if she continued to report the assaults.

On Wednesday, Rialto Police arrested two vice-principals at Carter High School for failing to report the assaults. The 17-year old student was also arrested. The family’s attorney, Michael Alder would like additional victims to come forward and contact his office. The Rialto school district is declining to comment on personnel matters related to the vice-principals. They are being charged by the San Bernardino district attorney’s office for child abuse and failure to report the abuse as mandated by the State of California.