Governor Gavin Newsom Unveils California COVID “SMARTER” Plan

Speaking in a giant Fontana warehouse filled with PPE, California Governor Gavin Newsom laid his future “SMARTER” plan for the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. SMARTER is an acronym for Shots, Masks, Awareness, Readiness, Testing, Education and Rx.

Newsom’s plan calls for a task force to handle any outbreaks, new variants and rapidly address the ever-changing COVID situation. All 58 counties will be closely monitored and the task force can move into action if there is a situation. The state will continue to administer 200,000 vaccines per day as well partner with existing pharmacies and providers. The state also has a stockpile of 75 million high quality N95 masks available. The state will also continue its capacity to process 500,000 COVID tests per day.

“California is prepared to lean in on the principles that have made us successful in our COVID-19 response. Under the SMARTER Plan, we will use the significant knowledge we have gained and the tools and resources we have developed over the last two years to adapt and respond to whatever is next,” said California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “Californians should rest assured we are ready and prepared to meet any public health challenges that may lie ahead.”