Rialto Police Under Scrutiny for Rough Arrest of Juvenile

A bystander captured video of Rialto Police involved in a rough arrest of a juvenile on February 11th. The incident occurred in the area of Linden Avenue and Pinedale Avenue around 4pm.

According to Rialto Police, a juvenile was stopped for riding an illegal street pocket bike and traveling at an unsafe speed on a residential street. Police say the juvenile refused to identify herself and provided false information about her age. Police placed her under arrest because they could not prove her identity to release her to parents.

The video shows the juvenile resisting officers. One of the officers appears to trip the juvenile to the ground and later places his hand on the juvenile’s throat. Rialto Police are investigating their own body camera videos.

Rialto Police Chief Mark Kling said in a statement saying: “I have personally viewed officer body worn camera footage and
although the video depicts the juvenile resisting officers, we are investigating the officer’s
decision to trip the juvenile to the ground and later placing his hand on the juvenile’s throat during
the arrest. After preliminary review of the incident, I have requested an independent investigation
by the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations to determine if the
officer’s use of force options were lawful. I have also ordered an internal affairs investigation into
the officer’s actions. Our investigation will determine if department policies, rules or procedures
were violated. Per department directives, confirmed violations of policy will lead to disciplinary
The officer, whose identity is being withheld due to the ongoing investigations, has been
placed on paid administrative leave, which is appropriate under these circumstances.”

The juvenile was released from a detention center today and the family has hired an attorney who is calling for the immediate removal of the officer involved in the incident.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sanbernaghetto