Brightline Bringing High Speed Train to Rancho Cucamonga

Brightline, a private passenger rail company is working with the California High-Speed Rail Authority to bring a high speed passenger train to Rancho Cucamonga. The deal sets the framework for Bright Line West to connect a station between Victorville and Rancho Cucamonga.

The new Rancho Cucamonga will connect passengers to an existing Metrolink system, allowing easier access to Los Angeles for high desert residents. The full-service transit building will also connect Ontario airport via a tunnel system. Eventually Brightline will have a full service line that runs between the high desert and Las Vegas along the I-15 corridor, creating an optimal travel solution.

Brightline’s passenger trains will utilize zero-emission electric trainsets and can travel at speeds of 180 miles per hour. The project will also bring 40,000 new jobs during construction and 1,000 permanent jobs once operational.

“In entering into this MOU with Brightline West, CalSTA, Caltrans, and the California High-Speed Rail Authority are setting the course for high-speed trains to connect Southern California and Las Vegas,” said CalSTA Secretary David S. Kim. “This is an important step in bringing major benefits to the state, including reduced congestion and greenhouse gas emissions on the Interstate 15 corridor and increased connectivity with rail and transit throughout Southern California as well as future connections with the state’s high-speed rail system.”