San Bernardino Sheriff Make Arrests and Seize Marijuana Plants in Operation Hammer Strike

Twelve people were arrested and 10,105 illegal marijuana plants have been seized in the first week of Operation Hammer Strike. The effort is part of the San Bernardino Sheriff Marijuana Enforcement team to combat illegal marijuana cultivations, mainly located across the high desert.

The grows are becoming huge problems for nearby neighbors who have complained about illegal activity for far too long. Investigators also seized 1,334.8 pounds of processed marijuana, $30,000 in cash and took down 39 greenhouses. They also located at least 1 electrical bypass.

While cannabis growing is legal in California, the grow locations that were raided were not in compliance with local and state ordinances. San Bernardino County has an ordinance preventing outdoor marijuana grows in unincorporated areas.

The Sheriff Marijuana Enforcement Team will continue to take down illegal grow operations and arrest those involved.