Two Children Killed in Lake Elsinore Fire

Two toddlers died in a fire at a Lake Elsinore home Monday afternoon. The blaze broke out in the 32900 block of Blackwell drive around 3pm. Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire and thick smoke coming from the garage of a single-family dwelling.

Five adults and one child were rushed to local hospitals. Two small children, 16 months old and two years old were found dead inside the residence after firefighters extinguished the flames.

According to reports, the mother saw flames in the garage when the fire exploded. She was able to escape along with her 90-year old grandmother. The mother was also able to rescue one of the 16-month old twins. She was unable to go back in for the other children.

The young children and three dogs were all stuck behind a baby gate. Firefighters found a downed powerline on top of the house. There were strong winds in the area from a passing storm system.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.