Community Leaders Attend Peaceful Rally in Riverside

Community leaders and activists from across Riverside County attended a rally against police violence and racial injustice in Riverside Thursday evening. A few hundred people showed up to listen to the community leaders speak. The 1998 Tyesha Miller shooting by police was a reminder that Riverside is not immune to controversial police shootings. Miller was shot and killed by police after she fell unconscious in a car and the officers were unable to wake her. Officers involved in the shooting were later fired from the department but never convicted.

Riverside Police Chief Larry Smith attends a peaceful rally.

Riverside’s police chief Larry Gonzalez attended the rally. “We are all in this together and we will continue to support them,” said Chief Gonzalez. Leaders reminded the crowd they needed to go out and vote to effect change and influence political decisions.

Community leaders and activists spoke to the crowd during a peaceful rally in Riverside.

Several dozen Riverside Sheriff deputies and police officers kept an eye on the rally, but things remained peaceful and most left the area once the crowds thinned out after 6pm. The chief also said the need for a curfew will be monitored on a day to day basis. There was no curfew in place for Thursday night.