Upland Police Chief Shows Up at Protest

Upland Police Chief Darren Goodman made an appearance at a protest in Upland Monday afternoon. Goodman encouraged safe, peaceful protesting. He also called the killing of George Floyd tragic and unnecessary.

Protesters make their voices heard during a peaceful protest at Foothill and Euclid in Upland.

The chief denounced the recent violence and looting that has occurred in nearby cities as well as across the nation. “We have to find better ways at conflict resolution,” said Goodman.

Upland Police hold the line after giving a dispersal order after the 6pm emergency curfew.

The protest was mostly peaceful, however there were some tense moments when a person not associated with protest brandished a gun. After reviewing video evidence police arrested 39-year old Jacob Bracken for assault with a deadly weapon.

An officer shakes a protesters hand after police reach an agreement with the group to end their protest after the 6pm curfew.

A 6pm curfew was put in place to prevent any looting. Protesters were given the order to disperse by police several times. By 7pm, some protesters shook hands with officers and convinced the remaining group to go home.