Doctor Invents Patient Isolation Transport Unit

A doctor at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center has invented a device that allows for transport of infectious patients. Dr. Mark Comunale is the head of anesthesiology the hospital.

Dr. Comunale is seeking FDA approval for his patient isolation transport unit. The unit creates a negative pressure mobile chamber around a patient’s stretcher or hospital bed, allowing transport of that patient to another location without infecting others.

“What we want to do is protect healthcare personnel from patients who have something that can be transmitted,” said Dr Comunale.

The doctor says this device along with the use of PPE reduces risk for medical workers who are treating infected patients. The Patient Isolation Transport Unit is made from medical-grade vinyl and has gloved access for doctors and nurses. It contains several motors that remove containments before filtering air out.

Dr Comunale says he has a manufacturer that can produce 600 units per week once approved by the FDA.