Riverside County Encourages Teens and Young Adults to Get Tested for Coronavirus

Riverside County Health officials are encouraging young adults and teens to get tested for COVID-19. Health officials believe the group has been underrepresented in testing.

The county has tested 71,000 people. According to Census data, the age group 25 and under make up 25 percent of Riverside County’s population. The county believes only 6.6 percent have been tested.

“We would like to get a more complete picture of the illness as it has spread to young people,” said Kim Saruwatari, director of public health for Riverside County.  Saruwatari says the county health officials would like to better understand how the virus spreads among children and families.

The county has as many as 12 sites available for testing and anyone who wants a test can get one. Those who are seeking a coronavirus test can check out the Riverside County website at