Fontana DMV Reopens to the Public

The state of California opened just 25 Department of Motor Vehicles field offices on Friday. The Fontana DMV location is the only one in the Inland Empire that is open. Customers are required to have appointments to visit the office.

Social Distancing will be strictly adhered to inside the office. Employees will have access to hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, facial shields along with soap and water. Customers are required to wear face coverings and maintain a 6-foot distance. There are also hand washing stations available for customers.

The DMV office will open for the following transactions:

  • Paying registration for a vehicle impounded because of registration-related issues
  • Reinstating a suspended or revoked driver license
  • Applying for a reduced-fee or no-fee identification card
  • Processing commercial driver license transactions
  • Applying for a disabled person parking placard (this can also be done by mail using the REG 195 form)
  • Adding an ambulance certificate or firefighter endorsement to a driver license
  • Verifying a transit training document to drive a transit bus
  • Processing DMV Express customers for REAL ID transactions, if time and space allows

The Fontana location reportedly had a line around the building. Customers are urged to handle transactions online. More offices are planned to be opened in the coming weeks. The DMV has 170 field offices across the state.